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Senior Project Manager South Florida, Miami

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The Senior Project Manager is responsible for managing and coordinating all necessary project resources and documentation throughout the entire project lifecycle. This includes the maintenance of budget and schedule, and the management and administration of all contractual requirements, agreements with trade partners, purchase orders, meeting minutes and shop drawing logs. This individual also manages risk, insurances, general work performance and quality, and overall team progress against the project plan through consistent communication and collaboration with the owner and project team members. The Senior Project Manager must be an effective leader and communicator able to manage, cultivate and mentor team members to promote their professional growth.


If you are an innovative collaborator and proven performer who enjoys working on teams that deliver superior results, you may qualify for a rewarding career at Client, a construction management firm that is sparking an industry revolution and has consistently been named a “best place to work”!



  • Budget Updates
    • Produce thorough forecast of Cost-to-Complete which drills down to identify potential exposures.
    • Coordinate the use of Oracle with Expedition to readily identify exposures.
    • Require the project team to track costs of field directives and back charges for forecasting purposes.
    • Create detailed analysis of line item exposures, particularly unit price contracts.
    • Follow the Forecasting Calendar for on-time completion of forecasts.
    • Teach the Standard Operating Procedures for budget updating to others.
  • Change Order Management
    • Require the project team to fully utilize Expedition to track all Proposed Change Order (PCO) items including in-scope and out-of-scope.
    • Provide the Owner with up to date status reports relating to Changes.
    • Require the project team to produce a monthly Owner Change Order (OCO) to prevent aging of PCO issues which further allows for timely closure of Changes with Subcontractors.
    • Work to recover all legitimate GC costs relating to Owner Changes.
    • Track the status of all Contract Allowances in Expedition and submits Change Order Requests (COR) when an over-run is likely.
    • Require the project team to track all field directives and back charges in Expedition for timely processing on a monthly basis, i.e. composite clean-up, hoisting time, etc.
  • Project Close Out
    • Establish an effective Close-out Plan early in the project which includes the early collection, review and packaging of Contract close-out documents.
    • Implement the use of the Noncompliance Reporting System.
    • Require the team to utilize the Work list System to organize and manage the completion of phases of the work.
    • Utilize the Completion-Compliance-Quality Form (CCQ) process for close-out.
    • Teach close out process to other SCCI employees.
  • Owner/Sub Requisition Process
    • Require the project team to have the completed pay requisitions approved by the Owner no later than the 1st of each month.
    • Produce an effective Schedule of Values.
    • Establish a regimented process for the collection of payments no later than 30 days and subsequent efficient system for the payment to Subcontractors.
    • Review the Hold Reports before payment is due to allow for timely handling of deficiency issues and payment to Subcontractors/Vendors.
  • Cash Management
    • Consistently manage the cash flow of the Project so as to maintain a fiscally responsible position for SCCI.
    • Produce an effective Schedule of Values which supports a strong cash flow position.
    • Review each Subcontractors initial Schedule of Values to prevent overpayment.
    • Review Sub/Vendor requisitions to prevent payment of unsigned or unfunded Change Orders.
    • Produce and update the cash model for the Owner to prevent surprises.
    • Produce an accurate percent complete projection to support the SCCI financial management process.
  • Meeting Management
    • Establishes a meeting regiment for the Project Team which provides for effective communication and problem solving.
    • Follow the SOP for focused meetings such as PM/PE, OAC’s, subcontractor meetings, coordination meetings, Precon Sessions, etc.
    • Manage all meetings by agenda and work to time limits.
  • Contract Logs
    • Require the Project Team to assemble and maintain the Project Logs (Cash Management, Change Management, Noncompliance, Buy-Schedule, Contracts, Procurement, Submittals, RFI’s, Safety, Hold Reports, Construction Schedule, Work lists) and periodically review for accuracy.
    • Conduct focus meetings once per month to review the maintenance of those logs and drills down to identify potential exposures and issues.
  • Subcontractor Relationships
    • Establish a “Firm but Fair” approach to building relationships with Subcontractors.
    • Promote an environment of organization and professionalism with Subcontractors.
    • Address issues immediately with a non-performing Subcontractor to protect SCCI from resulting delay and potential impact.
  • Exhibit B Purchasing Process
    • Work with the Project Team, including Superintendents and Estimators, to consistently produce clear, thorough and accurate Scopes of Work based on drilled down review of documents.
    • Organize and administer a well planned purchasing process so as to prevent the “Just in time” purchase of materials.
    • Understand the priority of timely buy-out and gather the resources to meet the buy schedule.
  • Schedule Management
    • Provide leadership with the Superintendent to produce a clear, thorough and accurate baseline Contract Schedule which rarely requires changes to the original logic.
    • Track events, impacts and changes in the schedule to allow for the management and prevention of delays.
    • Lead the Project Team to focus on critical path matters so as to prevent non-excusable delays.
    • Manage and distribute organized and efficient Monthly Updating Process in accordance with the SCCI SOP.
    • Provide the Owner with written monthly updates of the Contract Schedule in accordance with the requirements of the Contract
    • Take decisive action with subcontractors that are impacting the schedule.
    • Produce buy-out and procurement schedule and assist with writing monthly schedule narrative in conjunction with the Scheduling team.
  • Risk Management
    • Complete the buy-out process in a manner which permits the timely flow of work, prevents budget issues, contract executions, bonds, insurance, etc.
    • Write timely notices to Owner and Subcontractor.
    • Secure CCD authorizations before proceeding with Changes.
    • Take immediate action when a non-performing Subcontractor is likely to cause impact to the Project.
    • Work to complete the submittal and coordination process no later than 180 days.
    • Teaches a risk management regiment to others on the project team.
  • Owner Relationship
    • Work to establish a trusting and professional relationship with the Owner.
    • Focus on keeping the Owner well informed of important matters to prevent surprises.
    • Work to secure a strong letter of recommendation from the Owner for SCCI.
  • Quality Management
    • Provide leadership in the utilization of the Quality Management Program on the project, which outlines quality expectations.
    • Participate with the project team to institute the use of First Delivery and Quality Benchmark Inspections as the work progresses.
    • Implement the use of the Nonconformance Reporting System to track and manage deficiencies in the work.
    • Require the use of mock-ups to establish the quality expectations as defined in the Quality Management Program.
  • Team Leadership
    • Strive to create synergy and a teamwork atmosphere on the project.
    • Lead by example by establishing the work ethic guidelines for the entire team and therefore establishes the boundaries and expectations.
    • Organize periodic team events and training sessions to advance the SCCI strategy of “Train & Develop Our People”.
    • Take action immediately when personal conflicts emerge among the team.
    • Mentoring/Training (If applicable).
    • Oversee career and educational development of team personnel.
    • Require the adherence of standard operation procedures and actively teach each process.


  • Bachelor’s degree in applicable discipline and a minimum of 10 years of experience relative to project size and scope.
  • Each project has specific characteristics regarding size, complexity, sector etc, which dictate the precise years of experience and industry knowledge necessary for success, above and beyond general construction knowledge and experience.

Necessary Attributes:

  • Candidate must possess Client’s Core Values: Passion, Integrity, Hard Work, Professionalism and Caring.
  • Excellent business judgment demonstrated by consistently achieving profitability objectives and strong project close-outs with client and subcontractor relationships in good standing.
  • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail evidenced by a strong command of all applicable contract and legal provisions.
  • Ability to consistently analyze and execute financial trade-offs which frequently involve dealing with incomplete data and ambiguity.
  • Ability to constantly multi-task and handle competing priorities betweenClient business needs, organizational issues, and sound customer relations.
  • Possess judgment to know when to appropriately escalate issues up the chain of command.
  • A strong sense of urgency and initiative. Able to quickly study and react to complex issues.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to confidently and decisively take action.

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