The Search Process is tailored to the complexity of each assignment and to the degree of assistance required by the Client.

Position Criteria

We establish with the client the parameters and job specifications of the position and the required academic preparation, professional qualifications and personal profile.

Research, Selection, and Evaluation

Our candidate database is very extensive. Qualified candidates are located through a computer process which utilizes appropriate sources of information and techniques. We take pride in referring only qualified candidates who meet our clients’ specific criteria.

Presentation and Review of Candidates

We present the qualifications of each selected candidate and review the details of our assessment of their strengths and weaknesses. This includes pertinent details relevant to the candidate’s career progression, goals and personal objectives.

Placement and Closing

In the process of qualifying a candidate, we earn their trust and confidence in our professional abilities. As an objective third party, we are in an ideal position to assist the client in determining the appropriate compensation package and structuring an offer that will be acceptable. The importance of the consultant’s involvement in this process cannot be overemphasized.

Offer and Acceptance

  • Formal reference check made on finalist candidate.
  • Compensation negotiated and offer extended.
  • Maintain ongoing dialogue with candidate to ensure acceptance of offer, and to monitor resignation and start of employment.
  • Follow up with Client.
  • Follow up with successful candidate.
  • A search is typically completed within 30-60 days.

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